Praise Atan! GearHead Caramel is Back!

I'm back! After many months of illness, I have returned with a new release of GearHead Caramel. Bear Bastard's Mecha Camp, Winter Mocha, and DeadZone Drifter have all been updated with new content and opportunities. Raid on Pirate's Point... is pretty much the same. But, I have added new systems that are going to be used in that scenario in the hopefully near future!

Lots of bugs have been fixed. In fact, as far as I know, every bug that has been reported to me has been repaired. Game balance has been adjusted and certain abilities from previous GearHead games have been added. The Scylla mecha from GH1 has been added. Enemy models now get indicated by a different info box style and targeting cursor. The accursed combat clock troll bug has been fixed.

Here's the complete list of changes:

  • Added the Scylla mecha from GH1
  • TagBasedPartyReply will not display a major character's mnpcid
  • Added ending scenes to DeadZone Drifter
  • Can now use waypoints from the combat popup menu
  • Added Onawa's quest to DeadZone Drifter
  • Fixed duplicate grammar bug
  • Updated Bear Bastard's Mecha Camp, Winter Mocha scenarios
  • Added check_party_activation method to combat
  • NPCs will give useful rumors first, then random chat
  • Added pre-fx to conversation offers
  • Single firing weapons can now cause critical hits, as in previous GearHead games
  • Renown is now displayed for characters in the FieldHQ
  • Added Quest procedural narrative generator
  • Text formatter will now capitalize after "!" and "?"
  • Team contents now stored as a ContainerList
  • The get_scene method should return the correct scene even if called during adventure construction
  • Okapi puzzle clue menus are now sorted
  • There is a config option to turn off display of skill+stat in conversations
  • Skill and tag based dialogue options will now show what skill+stat they're based on [*[ You can dock the tile info panel in the upper left corner via the config menu
  • Combat clock troll bug fixed. Real ones will know.
  • Enemy units get a different info panel border
  • Mission objectives can now be reviewed from the memo browser
  • The end-of-mission gate menu options have clearer wording
  • Savegame validation should be much faster
  • The map cursor changes to indicate enemy units + appropriate targets for abilities
  • Label widgets can take a list of alternate smaller fonts to make text fit in specified area
  • Added copy method to BuildAMissionSeed
  • Challenges now deactivate on win by default
  • Fixed error in list_nouns when two nouns provided [*[ Fixed text formatting error in WOTHCBM_HomeDespot plot
  • Finished adding all of the mecha forms from previous games
  • Renamed campaign property "day" to "time"

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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Version 32 Dec 15, 2022

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Awesome! Glad you’re feeling better and excited for more of this project :}