v0.932: The Sound of Mecha

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I"m going to be honest with you- I'm one of those weirdos who plays games with the sound turned off. But, I've gotten a lot of requests to add sound effects to GearHead Caramel, so here you go. Different actions and attacks now have different sounds. Over the coming weeks, I'll be experimenting with adding more sound (such as for movement, which is still silent).

In addition, the configuration menu has been updated so you can change even more options in-game without manually editing the config file. There's now an option to change the status bars in the pilot info block to numbers
As usual, try it out and let me know what you think.


gearhead-caramel-linux-64.zip 316 MB
Version 24 Oct 19, 2022
gearhead-caramel-windows.zip 296 MB
Version 26 Oct 19, 2022
gearhead-caramel-macos.zip 312 MB
Version 24 Oct 19, 2022

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